Tech Seekers

Unlock the door to your choice of certified digital product and service providers who can help you meet tech challenges

As a corporate enterprise, small or medium-sized business, or public-sector player, we can introduce you to a potential supplier of a solution for the many digital and tech challenges that will become crucial for your business survival in the future.

SpliceWorks offers you access to an online platform that brings together role-players across the tech industry value chain, but more importantly, it’s a place where you can ‘shop around’ for a technology provider, whether you’re looking for fintech, social tech, health tech, education or even manufacturing and resource solutions. We call these businesses and individuals Tech Entrepreneurs.

Procurement can be a costly exercise, but it’s also risky, so the benefit of joining SpliceWorks is the accreditation process we undertake. The goal of this certification is to provide a pool of vetted and accredited commercially-ready digital technology businesses that you can partner with or procure from.

You won’t have to go to different digital technology companies to find the solutions you need, or develop your own innovation hub to help you scrutinise potential providers and partners – it’s all conveniently been set up as part of the SpliceWorks platform - less hassle, less time, and less risk.

Why sign up?

The age of technology disruption is upon us, with everything from strategies and systems to traditional business models being challenged. Technology solutions will play a crucial role in helping you meet these future business requirements, but you need trusted suppliers and partners.

SpliceWorks does the vetting for you, we help Tech Entrepreneur start-ups with great ideas and tech solutions scale-up so that they can offer you reliable, ongoing delivery, and by so doing we minimise the risks that come with tech innovation and procurement.

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Cost to Sign-Up?

There is no cost to sign-up on the SpliceWorks Digital Technology Marketplace platform, and signing-up carries no obligation. All you’re doing by signing-up is introducing yourself and your business to us, which gives us an idea of what you’re looking for and what your technology challenges might be, then we’ll start the process of vetting viable Tech Entrepreneurs on your behalf. You can start your sign-up here.


How do I sign-up to join the SpliceWorks Digital Technology Marketplace?

Go here to sign-up. You don’t need anything at this stage; all you have to do is spend about 5 to 10 minutes answering some questions. We abide by a strict code of ethics in terms of non-disclosure and the confidentiality of your intellectual property (IP), and you don’t need to share any IP you are not comfortable disclosing.

Is there a cost to sign-up?

There is no cost to sign-up on the SpliceWorks Digital Technology Marketplace platform, and signing-up carries no obligation. Once we get to the stage where we think we have a Tech Entrepreneur with a solution that matches your business challenges or objectives, we’ll start the process of setting up meetings. Only once a beneficial match has been found for both parties, will a negotiation process begin, and you’ll be consulted and involved in every step of the process.

Is SpliceWorks an incubator or accelerator?

No. SpliceWorks is not an incubator or accelerator. We do however host technology development partners as part of a broader digital ecosystem that our marketplace is part of, and they may be potential partners if you’re interested in providing early-stage funding or business development support where needed. You may also be interested in incubating Tech Entrepreneurs from our marketplace, that’s also possible. Our focus is to help you find the appropriate ‘match’, and to accredit providers through our SpliceWorks Certification process. The nature of your relationship with these providers and suppliers will depend on what you’re looking for, and what they have to offer.

Is there someone I can speak to for more information?

Yes. Please provide us with your contact details here and we will be in touch with you.