Tech Entrepreneur

Open the door to a vast network of Telkom Group, BCX and private or public-sector clients

As a digital or technology business, whether start-up, SME or entrepreneur, you don’t just need access to mentorship and funding, you need access to a marketplace of clients who need and want to use your technology.

Whether your idea has already been developed or is still a work-in-progress, SpliceWorks can open the door to its vast network of Telkom Group, BCX and private or public-sector clients who are looking for your technology. We call them Tech Seekers.

To make sure that happens, and to help you grow what may have started as an idea into a fully-fledged business, we have developed five SpliceWorks certification stages that we’ll guide you through. We first establish which stage of business development you’re in, and then provide you with access to the support services or development assistance you need to move through all five stages. It’s a way of building credibility and gaining credentials that can help you compete in the tough business world that awaits. But the great thing about SpliceWorks is that you don’t have to move through all the stages before realising commercial gain – there are Tech Seekers in our marketplace who are specifically looking for early-stage concepts.

So even if you’re not trading yet, but believe you have a game-changing concept, we’ll help you take it further and develop it into a tangible business proposition by offering development support through our partnership FutureMakers.

Wherever you are in your technology development journey, our goal is to help you get to your destination as a commercially successful business, and introduce you to potential clients.

SpliceWorks Certification – where do you fit in?

There are five SpliceWorks certification stages – from a Big Idea at stage 1, through to full SpliceWorks Certification at stage 5. When you sign up, you will be guided through a question and answer process to determine which stage of business development you are in.

From there, we’ll determine what support you need to become a productive and profitable business that can offer tangible business products and services to SpliceWorks Tech Seekers.

Why sign up?

It’s tough out there, and there’s a lot of competition, so having ‘the edge’ over other tech innovators targeting financial services, manufacturing or resource players, or even the health sector and everything in between, is an incredible opportunity. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, all it takes is a sign-up to get the ball rolling…

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Start Sign-Up

There’s no cost or obligation to join the SpliceWorks Digital Technology Marketplace. The first step is all about introducing yourself. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the Q&A, and you might need to submit documentation about your business or idea (but you can also do that at a later stage, once you’re confident that what we’re offering isn’t ‘too good to be true’). You can start your sign-up process here.


How do I sign-up to join the SpliceWorks platform?

Go here to sign-up. You don’t need anything at this stage; all you have to do is spend about 5 to 10 minutes answering some questions. You may need to submit some documentation, but this can be done at a later stage (once you’re confident that what we’re offering isn’t ‘too good to be true’). We abide by a strict code of ethics in terms of non-disclosure and the confidentiality of your intellectual property (IP), and you don’t need to share any IP you are not comfortable disclosing.

Is there a cost to sign-up?

There is no cost to sign-up on the SpliceWorks platform, and signing-up carries no obligation. Once we get to the stage where we think your technology or idea matches the needs of one of the Tech Seekers registered on the marketplace platform, we’ll start the process of setting up meetings. Only once a beneficial match has been found for both parties, will a negotiation consultation begin. By signing-up on the platform you are not in any way agreeing to sharing, giving away or selling your technology.

Is SpliceWorks an incubator or accelerator?

No. SpliceWorks is not an incubator or accelerator. Our focus is to help get you ’business-ready’, and to introduce you to potential clients – the nature of your relationship with them will depend on what you have to offer, and what they’re looking for.

Is there someone I can speak to for more information?

Yes. Please provide us with your contact details here and we will be in touch with you.